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The most important step in finding furniture that fits right into your space is identifying the perfect furniture store from which to buy the item. You'll of course need to have a pretty good idea of the exact kind of furniture you'd like to own. With this made clear, identifying your target store becomes easy. Needless to say, many furniture stores in the UK distinguish themselves from the competition by focusing on specific furniture styles and types only or by stocking certain identifying furniture designs. Others have a little of everything, and this makes them special because it is so easy to move from one corner of the store to another picking items for every room. However you prefer to shop, knowing the available furniture types, styles, designs, materials and trends will make your experience at the store more rewarding.

Furniture by type: Some furniture stores stock items by type, a category that makes shopping a breeze for anyone who doesn't have time to move from store to store looking. Are you interested in buying seating furniture, sleeping furniture, dining furniture, entertainment furniture, storage furniture or office furniture? Each type of furniture can be bought piece by piece or in sets. Furniture sets are the only way to go when you're looking to create a seamless look and blend your interior design surfaces, furnishings and accessories. On the other hand, buying each furniture item individually will give you a chance to customize the look and come up with a unique theme.

Modern designs of seating furniture are eclectic and elegant. Sofas, couches, settees, divans, love seats, chaise lounge, armchairs, recliners, beanbags, stools, benches and ottomans are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Bar the bedroom, seats will be the biggest furniture in any room and as such, set the tone for the room decor. Match your seats to your room decor for a flawless look and continuity in theme from one point in the room to another. Picking seats in a neutral colour allows you to incorporate your desired colour in your chosen accessories to brighten the room and offers a wider scope of experimentation than what you get with brightly coloured seats. Ultimately, individual preferences win; you may end up liking that sofa in a screaming neon more than the neutrals of the same design, in which case you should feel totally proud of your choice.

Furniture by style: You're spoiled for choice here, as every furniture style ever developed is within your reach. Demand for contemporary furniture is ever high, the reason why furniture manufacturers are always launching new contemporary styles every few months. Take your pick from minimalist to Art Deco or casual. In this style, furniture frames are polished, mirrored or covered in chrome, and there are lots of streamlined lines, use of mirrors, lacquer finish, glass and chrome.

If you prefer a more subtle-country look, this too is available in a number of variations. Many furniture stores will have furniture pieces made in English country, American country, French Provincial and cottage, giving you plenty of options from which to find your heart and soul. Mid-century modern furniture is another style that has been enjoying prolonged popularity for sometime now. Minimalistic in concept but heavy on function and comfort, this furniture has plenty of asymmetrical shapes and linear lines.

The shabby chic style of furniture will brighten any room. Often a mish-mash of textures, floral, prints and patterns in a shared colour palette, this style appeals to the young at heart and has a timeless charm that keeps it modern with just a tinge of the old. A variation you can consider is tribal eclectic furniture, whose fabrics are defined by bold patterns and colours combined in a strong personality. Or you can opt for urban style furniture, which is defined by its modern, unusual shapes.

Furniture designs: Although furniture designs can loosely be defined as either modern or traditional, there is plenty of playing field in the middle. Designs in the extreme ends are easily identified as vintage, traditional, classic, rustic, Bohemian or antique under the latter, while those grouped under modern furniture designs can be chic, shabby chic, urban, trendy, contemporary, modern casual, or eclectic.

The design of your furniture plays a big role in giving the room a personality, so always consider the emotion or thoughts that come to mind when you first see the furniture and what kind of identity it gives. Does it say you're stylish, reserved, daring, artsy, warm and inviting, playful, formal or distant? Always go for designs that resonate with your personality when furnishing personal space to give it that individual touch.

Furniture trends: If you like staying up to date on the trends of the day in the furniture industry, you'll be safe with any contemporary style. Furniture designers add individual flair to each design, with details being the single most distinguishing feature in any furniture. Any piece with a high contrast in material, style and dimension is a winner; it's a trend that is only picking up and is therefore likely to remain popular for a while.

Dark woods and leather are the materials of choice for anyone looking for furniture with a luxurious feel. Combine with a pastel colour to soften the look. You can also throw in brightly coloured accent pieces if a greater infusion of colour is desired. You won't go wrong with the metallics - brass, chrome, gold and copper. Choose stainless steel for a clean look and opt for glass to add rich elegance to the room.

You're safer implementing trending concepts in small bits rather than adopting the idea for an entire room. This way, when you outgrow the trend, it will be easy and cheap to replace it with a new design or style.

Look through your favourite furniture stores for more furniture design ideas and the evolving UK furniture trends. It will give you a good idea of what furniture pieces and accents to replace or add in the room, and what design ideas to use.