Furniture Stores Lisburn

Furniture stores in Lisburn offer an incredible selection of home and office furniture and decorative accessories in varied styles and colour to match the decor of your home or office. The extensive collection includes comfortable and luxurious sofas, loveseats, cushioned chairs to living room and bedroom collections, space-saving desks and a lot more. Paying a visit to one of these stores will set you on the right path with your furnishing dreams.


Voluntary Service Lisburn

Voluntary Service Lisburn is a furnishing solution provider with a difference. The community based initiative in Lisburn stresses on providing support to the people in need. The primary source of fund accumulation is the sale of r...

Hampton Furnishing

Hampton Furnishing is Northern Ireland's one of the leading furnishing service provider. The Lisburn based retailer of interior designing wares has created a niche market for itself. One can get the best bargains in quality furnit...

Used Furniture Lisburn

The budget buyers look out for the best bargains in every transactions and furniture is no different. Not compromising in the quality of the wares, one looks for the best bargains in hand to satiate their furnishing needs. The dwe...

Grays Furniture Lisburn

Why spend on new furniture while one can get the old ones upholstered at a much slashed price? Well, the budget connoisseurs will not think twice to give the answer. Grays Furniture in Lisburn provides for complete upholstering of...

Heath Furniture

Everything which is available at Heath Furniture bears an indigenous quality about them. The wares are all handcrafted and hand painted to add to the class quotient. Accumulating the classiest of furniture under one roof certainly...

The House of Vicryn

Bringing style to your home is the keyword that The House of Vicryn brings to play. Sporting a vast array of home and bathroom furniture the boutique showroom is well capable of satiating the furnishing needs of the residents of L...